About us

our view on cannabis

Although multiple states continue to legalize cannabis, it remains federally illegal in America. For this reason mainstream banks have been reluctant to enter the space, limiting the industry’s access to capital from traditional sources. As a result, there are legalized markets buzzing with prosperous companies, generating consistent revenues that simply require growth capital. Our approach is simple. We look for growing companies, run by forward-thinking entrepreneurs, who believe in partnering for mutual success.

Bridging the gap

We’re bridging the gap between Cannabis and Capital Markets. Our unique ability to connect with cannabis entrepreneurs and traditional financiers alike sets apart from the crowd. Equally comfortable in a suit and tie or a ball cap and hoodie, we’re fluent in respective dialects. Speaking the same language clarifies communication, and ultimately fuels stronger bonds. These bonds allow us to work together towards common business objectives and nurture mutually beneficial partnerships.


We work with companies run by savvy operators with a proven track record of success. Our partners bring intimate industry knowledge, niche expertise and market share, which enable us to seize different windows of opportunity as the industry continues to rapidly evolve.

Embracing diversity with open arms

Goods and Services

There are an abundance of different goods and services currently in place throughout legal jurisdictions. Our prospective partners are involved with cultivation, extraction, derivative products, or peripheral equipment and services.


Diversifying our holdings across multiple states and countries reduces regulatory risk, and provides opportunity to capitalize at different stages along the implementation of regulatory framework.

Supply Chain Verticals

As new regulation consistently opens new markets, there are access points throughout the supply chain verticals. From manufacturing, to distribution, to wholesale, to retail, there multiple access points to every prospective market.

The result?

A strategic cannabis sector alternative of reduced risk and volatility.